About US

Our history

In the year 1946 our parents emigrated from their hometown of Salamina Caldas to Pereira to an area known as Arabia, they dedicated themselves on cultivating coffee which became the main economic source of income for our families. This colonization is now known as the « Harvest of Antioquia».

Now, with the experience and tradition we have gained in over than 70 years we will dedicate ourselves in the production, process and the commercialization of our roasted and ground coffee with high quality.

About US

We are a family own business, we think of coffee as business in its grand national and international projection,we are dedicated in the commercialization of high quality of roasted and ground coffee.

Fundamental Purpose

To be a sustainable income generating company and lasting in time, managed with austerity and efficiency of resources.

Value offer

We select all our grains, we follow each manufacturing process, we have highly trained and expert personnel, in addition to complying with all the legal and technical standards required by the Colombian legal framework, the National Federation of coffee growers and the international market.


We focus on the production and marketing of roasted and ground coffee, we do our work with efficiency and quality, we comply with the regulations and standards required by the control entities, we apply fair trade in the value chain, we respect the environment and society , with clear work policies, which allow us to maintain high standards of production and service for our customers, who always look for different characteristics in coffee consumption.


In 2020 we will be recognized for the quality of our products and for the practices in the trade.

Focused on the international market with our brands of traditional and special coffee.

Our values

  • Attachment to the tradition of our coffee customs and principles.
  • Respect for people and the environment.
  • Transformation and permanent adaptation to the demands of the national and international environment looking for levels of high competitiveness.
  • Orientation to Results.
  • Simplicity in our way of proceeding.
  • We highlight the work of the female head of household
  • We support our peasant families
  • We are against child exploitation

Special and Exceptional Coffee Origin Stamps